Waltz of Flesh

Interlude 2 - Becoming Fostern

Shera Breaks-the-Maze-Walls challenges for rank.

Fresh off of the pack’s defeat of Lonato, grandson of Cries-in-the-Wind, and the tragic end of Sora and Nina, Shera returned with her pack to the Catskill Protectorate, home of the Fianna in New York. She had achieved enough Renown to challenge for Fostern rank, and she was counting on her tribemates to play to her strengths. Riordan Cliffgrazer, Righ of the New York Fianna, intended to send her on a Hunt. “I’m hungry,” said Cliffgrazer, as he leaned over to Shera, eyebrows raised, and added in a significant tone"…and thirsty." Caught and being called out for an old sin, Shera could only shrug it off, though she did have the good sense to look bashful for a moment.
“Mother Larissa says ‘Thank you’?” she offered, hoping that he would let it go.


BlackWaltz RageyMage

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