Waltz of Flesh

Interlude 1 Three Can Keep a Secret - Part 2 of 2

By evening I bring mirth and laughter, bitter sorrow the morning after.

Joe’s belated arrival was nevertheless timely; it was he who examined the body of the second girl, and pronounced definitively that she had not killed herself; rather, she had been murdered. The truth of Shera’s whine was becoming clear: she was certain that Lonato had killed his mates, and was reasonably sure he was possessed, although it was less clear now how that could be, since Jason had just incapacitated what seemed to be the Windigo spirit the Wendigo had been chasing.

“What about Audrey and the Sept? They need tae be warned aboot Boozy McGee.” she demanded. “They deserve better than tae be nursing the snake that might bite them!”

“True.” Jason began to order the pack’s priorities. “Does anyone know what the Wendigo death rites are?” This was almost a rhetorical question; secretive and distrustful of outsiders as the Wendigo are, the odds of anyone knowing the Rites, let alone performing them properly, were slim to none. Shifting forms, Jason led the Pack in a brief Howl for the Fallen. “We need to get these bodies back to the Sept, tell them about the spirit that is sleeping here now, and try to get to the bottom of what happened here.” He turned to face Shera. “Go back there, quickly. Do what needs to be done. We’ll figure out how to transport these bodies back for proper burial.”
Still in Lupus, the Fianna darted off, racing for the Sept. The half day run would bring her there late indeed, but better late than never. Returning to homid form,


BlackWaltz RageyMage

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