Waltz of Flesh

Madness of the Heart, Epilogue Part 2

"And like those mutineers of [300] years ago, we too have a hard choice to make."

In the weeks following the Disaster at Sweet Rock, the pack traveled to The City as a group, except for Binds-the-Spider, who went back to his Tribal lands to commune with Uktena and to see what knowledge could be gained from all that had taken place. Rededicating themselves as a pack, Jason, Shera, Joe, Mooch, and Feedback retained Lion as their totem and chose the name Androcles’ Pride in homage to Lion (and as a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of the presence of so many Bone Gnawers in the pack).

After that, each of the pack members went their separate ways, agreeing to meet up in The City in 3 weeks, or less if a situation arose. Some had individual agendas to pursue, others needed to heal wounds sustained in the fighting, still others wounds of the spirit.

Joe returned immediately to the Sept on the Green to see if there was any mending fences with Nico.

Spineripper went first to check on Anja, and see that she was adapting ok to life without the Leech. He still needed to decide in what direction his life was going to go: could he give up his quest for revenge?

Feedback worked hard to improve his lines of communication with the spirit world, and spent the weeks preparing to take on a larger share of the spiritual duties of the pack, since it was unclear when or if Zippy would return.

Shera had a roadtrip ahead of her; she realized after Cole had left that she still had his arm, and, telling herself that he might need it, and that in any case, he needed to do something with it, being his, she persuaded herself to use her Questing Stone to find him. He wasn’t especially hard to find; he had taken up residence in a run-down farm out in Iowa, a place that was lonely and ill-kept, but bore many Garou glyphs, carved in grief, mourning one who “had died with Honor before she could win her Glory”, and a little, unmarked grave. He was still there, she could sense him, but at the last, her courage failed her, and she could not bring herself to meet him, nor to ask about her whom he mourned still. Of course, she was sure she knew…but then again…it just made things so confusing.
Rather than risk a confrontation, especially as she had arrived unannounced, Shera left, retaining the former Fetish that had taken her out there in the first place. At first, she thought that she would head out to California, try to find that old man that Cole had described to her. However, when she realized that she didn’t know his name, or even much about where he might be found, she abandoned that idea, and returned instead to upstate New York, and, parking her bike, announced herself, hoping that Teardrop was around and might be persuaded to help her.
He was, and he was, so they talked. Shera addressed him, “Honored Elder, I’m sure ye’ve seen stranger Fetishes in yer time, so…” and produced the arm. “I wanna destroy it, so I know that it can’t ever hurt him again. Will it harm him to do so?”
Typical of an Eastern sage, he answered a question with a question.


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