Waltz of Flesh

Stave 1 Tyranny of the Bones Part 3

Taking out the trash with a smile.

Next Night – Moon Phase: Waning half

Once Anja was out of the immediate grasp of the Leeches, she was given to the care of other Silver Fang Kin. The Pack turned their attention back to the hospital lab, looking for a way in and to find out what the Ardus Wyrmmobile garbage truck was carting away, and where it was going. Joe’s explorations paid off, and the Pack had gotten to the loading dock at an absolutely inhuman hour in order to examine what had been set out for pickup. As they had expected, the containers held the green goo that was used in the holding tanks for the Flukemen. By the time the truck came sputtering along, spewing an almost comical amount of gas, oil, and pollution, about 5 minutes behind schedule, Shera was playing lookout on one end of the alley, Jason on the other, and Joe was the bum on the dock, hiding behind the bins that the poor bastards working for Ardus had to haul out.

As if his employer wasn’t bad enough, the first guy who stepped out of the truck was immediately marked by his hat—a fisherman’s hat, stocked with lures and hooks. Here was a man who, besides his crime of working for Ardus, tortured fish for fun. Lion’s wrath was immediate and evident. While Mr. Fisherman and his sidekick shouted at Joe to get off the dock and threatened to call security and the police, Jason and Shera sprang (well, Jason sprang, Shera accelerated) into action, and Mr. Fisherman got a 30-mile-an-hour clothesline courtesy of Shera’s motorcycle. Jason subdued the sidekick, and their unconscious bodies were piled in one corner.

The pack used the keycard on Mr. Fisherman’s person to open the extra storage bay, and were inundated with the scent of the Wyrm and biohazard signs everywhere. Clearly, dumping biohazard waste in a regular landfill was not a problem for Ardus, but this bore a little more exploration. Of particular interest were the crates in the back that held what looked like modified propane tanks; ever the subtle scientific type, Shera tossed one against the wall, where the pressurized ooze within promptly exploded, splattering her and Joe with acidic goo that the group recognized from their experience in the contrivance chamber that was the first lab. While she was able to keep her head, Shera had seen enough, and she immediately shifted to War Form, and began trashing everything there; security cameras, crates, biohazardous material—even the garbage truck did not escape her fury. Given that a garbage truck with huge claw marks through it was going to present the group with an unwelcome problem in terms of upholding the Litany, the group decided to burn the evidence. The exploding garbage truck quickly drew the attention of the authorities, but by then, the group were already inside the hospital and making their way down through a secret passageway into the hidden lab, dragging the unconscious bodies of “Mario” and “Luigi” with them.

Once down in the lab, the Pack found more tanks with nascent Flukemen in them, but quickly discovered that these were at a much earlier stage of incubation than the previous ones…for one thing, they still had bones in, and they still bled red—even if it was acid. Jason, Joe, and Shera made short work of them, but the situation once again nearly spun out of control when Joe found himself coated in acidic blood and vomit. It took Jason, acting his role as the Alpha, to help him steady on and not flee the battle in disgrace. Regrettably, evidence at the scene indicated that there were still more of these labs, numbering into the hundreds—Dr. Goode’s notes were full of excited scribblings about Lab 108, so the Pack certainly has their work cut out for them.

As for the Ardus men, no one is quite sure what happened to them. Shera was ready to kill them, especially Mr. FIsherman, but Joe argued that the Pack didn’t know for certain that he was a sport fisherman…so he was not necessarily breaking Lion’s ban. He could have been eating what he caught, Joe reasoned. With the authorities beginning to sweep the hospital, the Pack stepped sideways and fled, Shera saddling up to return to the Sept of Sweet Rock, and Joe and Jason returning to the Sept of the Green so that Joe could rest and heal the injuries he’d sustained.


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