Dagger of Retribution

An ugly iron dagger devised to track down thieves and stolen possesions.

weapon (melee)

Level Two, Gnosis 5
This particular fetish, an ugly iron dagger, was devised
as a means of tracking down stolen possessions and the
thieves responsible. The werewolf concentrates on the lost
item while holding the dagger; the weapon gently tugs
in the direction of the item until the Garou reclaims it.
If the fetish’s owner knows the face or name of the thief,
he may use the dagger to locate the thief as well. The
fetish is treated as a knife in combat (Strength damage,
difficulty 4); the damage may be lethal or aggravated at
the Garou’s discretion.
To create a dagger of retribution, a werewolf must
bind a vengeance-spirit into the dagger.


Dagger of Retribution

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