Oberon's Ale

Talen: Oberon's Ale


(Gnosis 8)
Power: Drinking the ale activates it. Roll Willpower versus the Talen’s Gnosis, failure indicating the imbiber becomes totally plastered, and will party unexhausted into the night with a +3 Dice bonus to all Social Dice Pools. Once morning comes, they will crash hard, and no one will be able to wake them for a week. When they do awaken, they will have a splitting headache for the rest of the day and be at -2 Dice penalty to all Social Dice Pools.


A potent faerie ale, rumored to be the special brew of the King of the Seelie Court.
Brewed from Spirit-Awakened plants.
Carried by Riordan Cliffgrazer.

Oberon's Ale

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