Fetish: Klaive

weapon (melee)

(Level 4, Gnosis 6)
Silver melee weapon: Diff 6, Str+2 Agg
Power: Can eat the darkness or shadows in a 30m frontal arc.
Property: The signature weapon of the Garou Nation, klaives are fetish daggers of a singular design, made to be used in Homid, Glabro, or Crinos form with equal ease. Klaives are rare weapons made from the purest silver, treasured and passed down from hero to hero. A werewolf who carries a klaive loses one point from his effective Gnosis rating, thanks to the
silver. A war-spirit is usually bound into the klaive, allowing it to inflict aggravated damage even to non-Garou foes. Pulling a klaive on another werewolf is considered a grave action, for a klaive duel is almost always to the death. Nonetheless, such duels have always been dangerously common, and this practice shows no sign of abating even in the Final Days. Elders complain that too many of these sacred artifacts are in the ranks of reckless youths quick to use them for mundane tasks or to spill kin-blood; young werewolves argue that too many klaives are kept hidden away for rituals and great quests, when they could be better put to use against Black Spiral Dancers and other foes.
The difficulty to attack with a klaive is 6, and it inflicts Strength + 2 aggravated damage. This damage is silver, and therefore unsoakable to werewolves and most Fera.


A silver klaive imbued with spirits of sunlight and flame, heirloom of the Lodge of the Sun.
Wielded by Alexandr Heir-of-the-Sun.


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