Sept of Sweet Rock

Sept of Sweet Rock
Caern: Whitescale Rocks
Level: 2
Gauntlet: 4
Type: Justice
Tribal Structure: Open, with power shared by Get of Fenris and Silver Fangs, assisted by Stargazers
Totem: Great Bee

Headed by Heir-of-the-Sun, Seeks-the-Spirals, and Pure Tempest.

Sept of Sweet Rock Offices
Grand Elder: Uncontested
Warder: Alexandr Heir-of-the-Sun
Master of the Rite: Long Mei Xiu Pure-Tempest
Gate Keeper: Long Mei Xiu Pure-Tempest
Keeper of the Land: Long Mei Xiu Pure-Tempest
Master of the Challenge: Heath Cole Seeks-the-Spirals

Council of Elders
Get of Fenris: Heath Cole Seeks-the-Spirals
Silver Fangs: Alexandr Heir-of-the-Sun
Stargazers: Long Mei Xiu Pure-Tempest


Sept of Sweet Rock Lesser Offices
Master of the Howl: Uncontested
Caller of the Wyld: Long Mei Xiu Pure-Tempest
Truthcatcher: Heath Cole Seeks-the-Spirals
Talesinger: Uncontested
Wyrmfoe: Alexandr Heir-of-the-Sun

The Verdant Dream Pack
(2 CoG, 2 Fianna, 1 Uktena)

The Catskill Cavalry Pack
(1 CoG, 1 Fianna, 2 SF)

The Hounds of Cu Chulainn Pack
(1 GoF, 3 Fianna, 1 SF)
Jagged-Spear (Homid Fianna)

The Gleaming White Pillars Pack
(1 Fianna, 1 SF, 1 CoG)

Sept of Sweet Rock

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