Lion Totem


The Pack

  • Totem Points Contributed: 5 (Shera 1, Jason 1, Joe 3)
  • Totem Points Invested: 7 (Base Cost 5)
  • Rage: 4
  • Gnosis: 2
  • Willpower: 2
  • Essence: 8
  • Charms: Airt Sense, Re-Form
  • Powers:
  • Pack Tactic Enabled: Savage/Dogpile – The First attacker executes a successful sweep or tackle maneuver; once the prey hits the ground, the packmates surge in to attack. (See Blinded, Knocked Down, Immobilized, or Stunned.) If the prey manages to survive the initial onslaught, it might try to stand up again, which requires a successful Strength + Athletics roll, with the difficulty being 4 + 1 for each Garou involved in the attack (maximum 10). As many Bone Gnawer enemies have discovered, the dogpile tends to finish most enemies off in no time.
    Usable By: Any form
    Packmates Required: 3 or more
  • Pack Tactic Enabled: Harrying – (Needs 1 more, can be re-chosing since losing pack members)
  • Pack Tactic Enabled: [TBD] – [TBD]

Lion Totem Spirit

  • Background Cost: 5
  • Description: The Garou distrust those that would let their children fall, and thus the ancient totem of the White Howlers doesn’t curry as much favor as one of his strength otherwise might. However, some packs appreciate Lion’s dominant approach to leadership, particularly those among the Red Talons and Silver Fangs who share with him a respect for tradition. Lion is eager to adopt such packs.
  • Traits: Packs adopted by Lion gain 1 Honor and 3 Animal Ken. His packs may draw upon four additional Willpower points per story, and make rolls to impress an elder at -1 Difficulty. (Lion has always known how to appeal to tradition. In the case of an unusually progressive elder, the Storyteller may waive this bonus.)
  • Ban: Lion’s children must destroy anyone who would hunt animals for pleasure.

4/26/14: Shera spent 2 communal points of Willpower during the Tyranny of the Bones and Madness of the Heart combined story arcs.

7/3/14: Shera spent the 2 remaining communal points of Willpower during the end of the Madness of the Heart Story arc. This story arc is completed and the pool of Willpower has been refreshed to 4 during the downtime between arcs.

Lion Totem

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