House Rules

This page will be populated with House Rules unique to this campaign.

Some rules will be kept from the Revised edition rules.
Some rules are unique to achieve a certain game mechanic or mood.
Some rules, I just don’t like.

Each will be identified and explained. If you’d like to accomplish something that I have effectively eliminated or changed a rule for, DO DO DO DO let me know and we’ll achieve an effect or workaround as best we can.

This page will also have links to Noteworthy Edition Changes.

  1. The 8th Sign
    Never happened. Hope is a theme in the World of Darkness that doesn’t come easy. Having it written into cannon eliminates the personal triumphs and reach for the last rays of light. The 8th Sign might happen, but it would be something revealed into the story. Phoenix is mystical, cryptic, and has a damn good reason he hasn’t dropped any more hints for easy mode in living memory.
  1. Garou Tongue
    Just as in Revised, this will be an innately understood language by true Garou. It is not something that must be taught. This is contrary to the 20th Anniversary edition description. Though one can teach finer nuances, just as one can teach vocabulary of another language, it can be expounded upon but is a supernatural language to begin with.
  1. Spirit Heritage
    No such thing, never has been. This type of background should be more represented with an equivalent Merit (or Flaw as a reversal) and make its own story. If it’s something that a player really wants to accomplish, we can devise a Merit/Flaw of varying value that will treat Pure Breed in the same manner and still be specific to a brood of spirits. This type of “instant charisma” with spirits takes away from the mood and impact of The Pact that took place. It is more important to interact with spirits in a way that pleases them to make a better mood, scene, and story, rather than simply adding dice to a pool that has no grounded basis other than “I’m more than half spirit.”
  1. Gifts
    Many gifts have been edited since the release of 20th. I’ll be rolling with the 20AE rules for any gifts that have been rewritten unless they contradict any of the other House Rules such as requiring Spirit Heritage background. If other gifts are desired, such as from Tribe Book gifts that weren’t revised in 20AE, those former rules will be at my discretion (though generally unmodified).
  1. Rites
    Likewise with Gifts, Rites will be using the updated rules for any Rites that have been included in 20AE, with a single exception. The Rite of Caern Building will use not use the exception regarding the End Times extra requirements until an unannounced timeline date occurs (if at all, just as the 8th Sign entry above).
  1. Fetishes
    For published Fetishes, 20th AE rules yet again, unless other fetishes are desired such as from Tribe Books. Those former rules will be at my discretion (though generally unmodified).
  1. Splitting Actions
    20th AE rules on splitting dice for multiple actions are a much simpler rule. However, in simplifying, it penalizes the dice pools of characters rather starkly. This puts a higher premium on Rage for Extra Actions. When actions are similar (such as splitting actions to claw and bite at the same time, or use a Leadership rallying action in the same turn as a coup de grace) the Revised rules will be in effect: each action is penalized a cumulative number of 1 die per action. When actions are not similar (such as splitting actions to shoot a gun while writing a virus program, or seducing a target while studying ancient lore) the 20AE rules will be in effect: all actions attempted will be restricted to the smallest of each dice pool available, split among all actions attempted, requiring at least 1 die per action.
    I have revoked this ruling in favor of working only with the 20th AE edition split-action ruling. Similar split actions (such as firing two guns, or solving a riddle while attempting to decipher a foreign text it’s written in) may have the difficulties decreased to otherwise compensate, but dissimilar actions will still be penalized in difficulty (such as firing a gun and writing a PC program).
  1. Renown
    Renown will still act in all aspects as it always did. This is an additional rule to renown. Because I want it to encourage character storytelling and immersion, 1 additional renown per worthy act can be awarded based on character or player retellings. Galliard characters can potentially boost this by 1 for the entire pack or player group. This can also work in reverse for those so inclined to sabotage other Garou’s renown awards. Galliards may tell of the folly of actions to boost the loss by 1 as well.
  1. Stepping Sideways
    20AE Edition describes a physical (as in material world) reflective surface as being necessary to step sideways, rather than assisting in the task of reaching the Umbra. While the Gauntlet is certainly thick enough to warrant it as “necessary” in some areas, the World of Darkness that I tell does not have it as an out-right obligation. As per Revised rulings, using a reflective surface to Step Sideways will reduce the difficulty of by 1.
  1. Tribal Weaknesses
    I like these rules. I won’t enforce them at all times, or even at all if I don’t feel the mood is right (or if I want to provoke a certain action/response from a character). The more someone plays them up or voluntarily takes the hit, the better the stories can become. Effectively, they’re voluntary.

House Rules

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